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dental care for the whole family in providenceNo matter the age range of your family, all of your loved ones deserve regular, reliable dental care to protect their teeth. While dental needs differ depending on which stage of life you are in, maintaining proper oral health is necessary during all stages of life. Our experienced dentists, Drs. William R. Conroy, Bakhoum M. Girgis, Kristofer Haggarty, and Thomas Hernon, provide exceptional family dentistry services while giving a special focus to patient education and preventive dental care.

At Atwill-Conroy Dental Providence, our dedicated team provides you with comprehensive, age-appropriate dentistry to fulfill your smile goals. Whether you need routine dental care or have more advanced concerns, we’ll help you maintain a healthier smile through our personalized treatment. Call us today to make an appointment!


I Don’t Have a Family - Can I Still See a Family Dentist?

Of course! Our practice offers excellent dental services to every age, so whether you are married with children or a single adult, you can benefit from our services. In addition to providing you with incomparable dental therapies, we focus on preventive care and early diagnosis of dental problems. We will help you with all your needs, from dental checkups to restorative and cosmetic solutions.

Preserve Your Smile with Advanced Dentistry

Our practice uses the latest advances in dental technology to ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment possible. We use imaging tools such as digital x-rays and digital impressions to help us gain better visibility of your teeth and allow you to see every step of treatment while it is performed. We also offer CEREC® same-day crowns and dental laser therapy for fast, effective treatment.

Do You Provide Screenings for Oral Cancer?

Yes, we provide regular screenings using our precise imaging tools to detect any signs of cancerous cells as early as possible. The earlier such diseases are diagnosed, the sooner our patients can get the treatment they need. During the screening, we check for symptoms such as swollen lips and gums, mouth sores, white patches in the mouth, and throat tissue inflammation.

Give Your Child’s Smile the Care It Deserves

providence family dentist offering kids dentistryOur dental team has a long history of expertise in working with children. We know that your little one’s dental needs vary a lot from those of adults. Although baby teeth are temporary, they need an experienced children's dentist to help pave the way to healthy development of adult teeth and a strong oral health foundation.

We provide children with gentle exams and offer them a warm, relaxing environment. For their convenience, we offer laughing gas sedation (nitrous oxide) to help make them at ease while receiving treatment. Our well-trained team teaches your children essential tips to help them develop healthy, strong teeth. We also educate children and parents on how to detect symptoms of tooth and gum infections.

Does Your Practice Offer Cosmetic Treatments?

In addition to all the treatments we offer to restore oral health, we also offer cosmetic dentistry. If you or a family member wish for a more appealing smile, our family dentists are very experienced in cosmetic dental procedures.

We are here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and boost your self-confidence. We offer a variety services:

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Whatever your needs are for dental care, our skilled dentists have the expertise to help you achieve your dental goals. At Atwill-Conroy Dental Providence, we provide you with tailored services to support your oral health across multiple stages of life.

Since 1980, our practice has been serving families in Providence and the surrounding neighborhoods. Our treatments cover all aspects of your smile, from pediatric oral care to solutions for seniors.

Our friendly team is looking forward to fulfilling all your dental needs and answering your questions. Contact us today!



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